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Anupamdeep Singh

Anupamdeep Singh


North Carolina, India

How to use WizIQ to create self-paced courses?

3 Oct

2017 11:30 AM (CST)

This class ran for 85 minutes

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

In this session, you’ll learn how you can deliver self-paced video courses. We’ll show you how to leverage WizIQ for teaching and training needs. You’ll also learn about storing, managing and accessing your digital content with WizIQ Content Library.

WizIQ course builder module

WizIQ is a highly customizable and easy-to-use solution for your teaching and training needs, which gives you the ownership of your brand or enterprise. The self-paced course creation feature of WizIQ allows you to create your personalized teaching/training website within minutes. You can add and manage multiple teacher accounts, create online courses, schedule live classes, create test and assessments and evaluate your course with analytics from a single platform. Equipped with a wide array of teaching tools supporting the web and mobile devices, WizIQ allows educators and trainers to deliver high-impact education effectively.

What will you learn?

Why and when to create self-paced courses?
What’s the difference between self-paced courses and live classes?
How to use WizIQ to create self-paced courses?
An overview of WizIQ’s course creation features:

· Course and curriculum management
· Content management
· Test and Assessment
· Insights
· Discussion forums
· Mobile Learning

How will this help you?

You will be able to create your personalized domain and teaching brand.
You will be able to store, manage and access your digital content from the WizIQ Content Library.
You will be able to design tests and assessments for your online courses.
You will be able to evaluate the reach and success of your course.
You will be able to sell your customized online courses.

About the Host

Anupamdeep Singh

Anupamdeep Singh

North Carolina, India

WizIQ is a category defining company that offers SaaS based education technology solutions. Over 400,000 education service providers have leveraged the WizIQ platform to deliver online education to 4 million+ learners in 200+ countries. WizIQ’s flagship product, Online Academy Builder enables ESPs to deliver live instructor-led and self-paced learning by helping them create, manage, and market courses from their own self-branded online academies. The Online academy builder offers cutting edge features such as live virtual classes, mobile learning, video streaming, discussion boards, assessments and learner insights.

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